To start, select Campaigns in the menu bar to head to your main campaigns dashboard.

Locate the campaign you want to create a ReMake for, and hit View Campaign under the campaign thumbnail.

On the next page, use the View All button to see all original videos for your selected campaign.

Now, choose your original video and click Create ReMake. 

First, you’ll need to give your ReMake a title. Go ahead and enter it, and then select Create ReMake.

The next page you’ll see is the main Remake editing screen. Below are the key functions available on this page:

Original video - this is your original source video.

Video functions - play, mute and see the original video in full screen.

Markers - click these to skip back and forward to editable areas of the original video.

Number markers - click these to skip back and forward to editable areas of the original video.

Editable textbox - you’ll apply your new text here. The original text sits just above the text box for reference. Depending on the asset setup, there may be a max character limit - a warning will appear should too many characters be entered.

Markers and Number Markers - you can use these to move between the editable sections, along with the Next and Previous buttons.

Adding your copy:

To add copy to your video, insert text in the Editable Textbox under each editable section. 

Should a max character limit message be displayed, try reducing the number of characters entered to remove the error, or if required, speak to the ReMake support team to discuss changes to your original video setup. 

Once all the editable fields have been updated as desired, press Update and then Render Now, and the video will be automatically added to the queue and rendered. 

The status of your new ReMake render will appear in the Menu bar.

Should you not want to render right away, you can add your ReMake to the queue to render later. Once added, a clickable icon will appear in the menu bar which can be expanded to show the full queue.

If you have items lined up in the Queue. Click the Play icon, to start the queue and begin a Render. 

And there you have it, your first ReMake. What next? Click here to learn how to approve and here to learn how to share your remake.

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