ReMakes can be deployed in just a few easy steps. 

Firstly, navigate to the ReMake you want to share. 

Once located, go ahead and click on the Share button. 

Note: Your ReMake must be approved before it’s possible to share. To understand how to do this, click here.

Next, select the social platform you would like to deploy to. 

Note: Your social channels must be connected to ReMake for this to work. Check out our guide here on how to connect your channels. 

It’s also possible to download or share a link to your ReMake by clicking on Download MP4 or Copy Link to Clipboard.

Now, enter your post copy and description.

Finally, decide whether you want to post now, schedule for later or save to drafts.

After a final review, simply click the green button and your ReMake will be posted to your social channel.

On posting, you will receive a confirmation note and link to your post. 

And there you have it, your ReMake is now live on your social channels. 




Now connect to Dropbox and post your remakes directly to your account. 


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If you haven't already connected your social channels, learn how to do this by clicking here